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IECG is your local pest exterminator, for over two decades we have been providing safe pest solutions in Ithaca, NY for your home or business. We focus on resolving your pest issue at the source with eco-friendly products and service. Our pest exterminators think like your pests and get to the bottom of your pest problem.

Integrated Pest Management

IECG believes in protecting our environment and practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principals on all of our pest control treatments.

These five major components are common to all Integrated Pest Management programs:
  • Pest identification
  • Monitoring and assessing pest numbers and damage
  • Guidelines for when management action is needed
  • Preventing pest problems
  • Using a combination of biological, cultural, physical/mechanical and chemical management
The most effective, long-term way to manage pests is by using a combination of methods that work better together than separately. Approaches for managing pests are often grouped in the following categories:
  • Biological Control

    Biological control is the use of natural enemies—predators, parasites, pathogens, and competitors—to control pests and their damage. Invertebrates, plant pathogens, nematodes, weeds, and vertebrates have many natural enemies.
  • Cultural Controls

    Cultural controls are practices that reduce pest establishment, reproduction, dispersal, and survival. For example, changing irrigation practices can reduce pest problems, since too much water can increase root disease and weeds.
  • Mechanical and Physical Controls

    Eliminate a pest directly or make the environment unsuitable for it. Traps for rodents are examples of mechanical control. Physical controls include mulches for weed management, steam sterilization of the soil for disease management, or barriers such as screens to keep birds or insects out.
  • Chemical control

    Chemical control is the use of pesticides. In IPM, pesticides are used only when needed and in combination with other approaches for more effective, long-term control. Also, pesticides are selected and applied in a way that minimizes their possible harm to people and the environment. With IPM you'll use the most selective pesticide that will do the job and be the safest for other organisms and for air, soil, and water quality; use pesticides in bait stations rather than sprays; or spot-spray a few weeds instead of an entire area.

Pest Free Guarantee

Our programs feature regular maintenance and inspection intervals to give your home or business a complete pest free guarantee. Peace of mind knowing you can call and get a professional service for your pest needs anytime under our pest free guarantee is worth every penny!

Why We Are The Best

  • Over 20 years of specific commercial and residential experience of all facets of Integrated Pest Management and Customized Treatments.
  • Eco-Friendly Natural Pest Control.
  • Customer Service Friendly Office Staff and Certified Technicians.
  • Insured, Bonded and Verified Staff for every facet of the project.
  • A+ BBB Rating. Our staff is the highest trained and certified of our industry. We ensure every client is completely satisfied, a customer referral is our best compliment.
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