Could Your Home Have Hazardous Mold

It has been eight weeks since Hurricane Matthew plowed through more than 100 miles of Florida coastline. Homeowners scrambled to protect their homes from water intrusion, while other homeowners relied on their insurance carriers to tarp their roofs and perform dry-out procedures to protect their property.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies were slow in responding and securing these properties from continued water intrusion. When the carriers did send much needed relief, they often sent subpar water restoration companies on limited budgets, providing inefficient work. Sadly, roof tarps were found flying off roofs the very next day and in many cases the moisture inside the homes was not properly dried out, resulting in mold growth which is now setting in these homes.

What many homeowners are unaware of is mold will grow in as little as 24 - 48 hours if not properly dried out using specialized equipment that can dry behind walls, ceilings, and attics. It is also important to note that mold is not always visible. Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health risks thus, the homeowner must act fast.

The Healthy Homes Council is a non-profit organization that helps homeowners detect and prevent hazardous living conditions, such as cancer-producing asbestos, Chinese drywall, and mold. They are helping Florida homeowners who have suffered roof, window, or door leaks due to Hurricane Matthew by assisting in the coordination of air quality and mold inspection testing., a state licensed & insured mold inspection company, is a sponsor for the Healthy Homes Council and has offered to provide all homeowners with open water claims the ability to have their homes tested at no out-of-pocket cost to the homeowner. Most mold inspection companies ask the homeowner to pay upfront and later be reimbursed for their costs. If there is mold, these required tests can be costly as you will then need detailed remediation protocols and post-testing. Getting reimbursed takes time and in some cases the homeowner is never reimbursed because of high deductibles. However, through an affiliation with the council, (who works with all insurance carriers) will provide these services at no out of pocket cost to the homeowner.

Additionally, during the mold inspection process, a damage assessment will be conducted using specialized infrared technologies to uncover even unseen damages to be absolutely, certain the extent of the homeowner’s damage claim was documented to their benefit. Inspectors take air quality and surface samples of any mold they uncover. If mold is found, or unseen damages are detected, the inspector will document these damages and work with the homeowner’s insurance adjuster or public adjuster to make sure the homeowner receives maximum compensation for their damages. In the event there is mold in the property, mold remediation can be facilitated by mold remediation companies in the council’s network, which will also provide direct billing to the insurance company, and therefore no out of pocket to the homeowner.

Healthy Homes Council urges all insured homeowners who have suffered any type of water intrusion to call and schedule their free damage assessment, air quality and mold test. There is no out-of-pocket cost to homeowners with coverage and in need of the above services. If you are a homeowner and have filed a claim, need assistance filing a claim, or want peace of mind by requesting a second opinion, air quality and mold inspection call 1-800-985-1772 or visit to request immediate service and guidance.


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