Why Winter Is a Great Time for Home Inspections

9 Home Energy Conservation Tips For The Winter
Use less energy without sacrificing comfort

No cases found in Tompkins County, one person in isolation

Coronavirus in New York: Data Center

Coronavirus cases hit 142 in NYS, up 35% in 1 day, Gov. Cuomo unveils state hand sanitizer

Newest Deepening Concern: CORONAVIRUS in Upstate New York
The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is a disturbing global development. Coronaviruses are a massive family of viruses.

Radon Testing: How To Stay Safe From Radon Gas
Testing for radon is an important part of home safety and is key to avoiding the risks that come with exposure.

Humid Weather Brings Threat of Mold in Homes

Why Test For Radon Before Moving Into Your New Home?
Radon testing is a cost-effective measure to protect your family’s well-being before you move into a new home. It reduces the chance of radiation exposure.

How to Get the Most From Your Dehumidifier
Telltale signs of too-humid air include musty odors, clammy conditions, condensation on windows, and damp spots on the walls or ceiling.

What Home Buyers Need to Know About Radon
Learn all about radon gas, how to have a property inspected for it, and what can be done to remove radon gas so it will be safe for your family.

Prevent Mold In The Workplace

How Builders Keep Radon From Entering The Home
Homeowners must ensure steps are taken to protect a home's inhabitants from naturally occurring threats, including radon.

4 Tips to Make Your Home Renovation Project Less Stressful
The renovation process can be challenging. Here are a few tips to make your Ithaca N.Y. home renovation project less stressful.

What To Look For In A Home Inspection
Cosmetic issues may not matter much, but a crooked foundation, bad roof or toxic mold can ruin your homeownership experience and possibly your health and finances. Here is what to look for in a home inspection.

Radon and Cancer Correlation
Over the years, many studies have stated that radon, a naturally formed gas causes cancer.

How to Stay Safe from Asbestos After a Fire
Asbestos is fireproof and extremely durable. As products are damaged or wear down over time, toxic asbestos fibers are released into the air.

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Hazardous To Your Health?
Sources such as heating systems, certain building materials and even nature itself can release harmful gases or particles into the air inside our homes

This Hidden Environmental Toxin Could Be The Root Of Your Brain Fog
Anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive personality are common symptoms seen in patients affected by toxic mold.

Improve Your Home’s Health with Professional Mold Remediation
Among the most common problems you should always be on the lookout for is mold growth.

Asbestos Exposure in New York
Asbestos is a problem in every state, whether from its heavy use in various industries or from natural deposits.

Asbestos Remains A Public Health Concern
Even with all these regulations, a recent CDC analysis found that thousands of people are still dying each year from a type of cancer called malignant mesothelioma that is associated with inhaling asbestos fibers, even briefly or in small amounts.

Cortland County Has The Highest Radon Gas Levels In NY
New York State recently listed the counties in New York State that have the highest levels of radon gas.

6 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home
Particles can exacerbate respiratory symptoms, bronchitis, and asthma for people with such conditions.

Breathe Easier By Improving Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air can be more polluted than outside air.

Prepare House Now For Winter Or Pay For It Later
A homeowner should look at their property before the bad winter weather comes because there may be problems a professional contractor can correct with simple standard maintenance.

Learn About Mold Contamination and Ways to Prevent It
In almost any home or building that has suffered water damage or elevated humidity levels, mold contamination can occur that can directly impact the indoor air quality (IAQ).

What's the Potential Cost of a Plumbing Leak?
The plumbing in your home needs maintenance to perform optimally, and it may require hiring a plumber for emergency assistance to stop a leak or prevent major damage to your home.

Five Things You Should Know About Radon
New research from SFU health sciences professor Anne-Marie Nicol and CAREX Canada found Quebec to be the only province in the country with mandatory radon testing in schools.

What Fall Means for My Emergency Restoration Company
Successfully running one of the largest disaster restoration and cleaning companies requires paying attention to how simple things such as a change of season can affect business.

Budget-Friendly Ideas to Save on Home-Heating Costs
As cooler temperatures begin to sweep the nation, homeowners are turning on their heat for the first time in months.

Don't Fall for These Tricks When Buying a Home
When someone is selling a house, it’s only natural they use every means possible to cast their home in the best possible light.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Pros
As a homeowner, you should know the basics of finding a home improvement contractor remain constant.

Radon Is An Unseen Danger
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, only behind tobacco smoke

Fixing Dirt Crawlspaces: Liners or Poured Concrete
Over 25 million homes in the U.S. are built over exposed dirt crawlspaces.
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