5 Reasons why you should use a Professional Exterminator

Believe it or not DIY pest control may not be your best plan of action. Here are 5 reasons why not…

5 Reasons why you should use a professional exterminator: 

  • Identifying the potential hidden infestations. They know where bugs hide, do you? 
  • To promote safe usage of dangerous, toxic pesticides. Your trained pros know what to use, how to apply it, and how to dispose of the extra. 
  • Using the method most conducive to killing pests. Some poison that kills ants in the spring feeds them in the fall. 
  • Save you money. What's worse than your home application of pest killer not working? Going back and forth to the store 4 times and still not finding a suitable pest control method. Get it done correctly, the first time. 
  • Home protection. Proper preventative pest control lessens the chances that you will need home repair later. 

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